Monday, February 4, 2008

Things that didn't work

Just a quick update on experiments that did not work.

Sticking fresh cilantro from the supermarket in the Aerogarden did not get them to root, although they stayed alive for a few days.

Sticking mycelium chunks in a can with some spent beer grains made a moldy mess for the most part. However, I found out that the shiitake mycelium likes potting mix. A lot.

Hops seeds haven't done anything after two weeks, occupying a slot alongside the Aerogarden herbs.

Adding a second basket to the electric bike doubled grocery capacity and has been useful. I carried six t-shirt bags' worth the other day.

The freelance writer thing didn't work out so well. Or did it.

Coming to a coffeeshop has proven effective in gently jostling one's mind from writer's block. However, I just paid $3.50 for a little cup of hot cocao. Holy crap.

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Red Icculus said...

I had a friend that stuck a tiny green onion in the Aerogarden. The bulb shrank to nothing, but the foliage went crazy. He would garnish everything with it.

Keep up the experiments!