Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Apeshit Aerogarden

Someday someone is going to google the phrase "apeshit aerogarden" and they are going to land here and I'll maybe break the single digits as far as readership.

My point is, Aerogrow is going apeshit with the Aerogarden derivatives. There is something called the "Aerogarden Pro 200" that is brighter and taller than the old Aerogarden Pro, the one with the stainless trimmings and advanced control panel. They also have these little vases where you can pop your AeroGarden 3 flowers into for special occasions, then stick em back in the unit later so they don't shrivel up and die like your pre-liberal arts degree dreams.

Speaking of apeshit, you should see the garden they have at Riverbanks Zoo. That would be an interesting growing contest, Aerogarden vs. jungle dung.


Red Icculus said...

The title of your post was indeed intriguing.

Don't forget the teensy Aero 3 wit the edible flowers!

Cyndy: said...

How did you know about my pro liberal arts dreams?