Monday, February 4, 2008

Honey I Shrank My Aerogarden

In time for Valentine's Day, Aerogrow has come out with a new, miniaturized Aerogarden called the Aerogarden 3. It has just three pods and is designed to convey a durable bouquet of flowers to your honey. It is much smaller than the standard AG, supposed to have the footprint of a coffeemaker as opposed to a breadbox. They look very cute, I don't know if you can grow mini-tomatoes or other food in these things but there apparently is an edible flowers kit.


Red Icculus said...

The thing is that the reservoir that goes in the mini-3 is tiny. The plants have to be super nutrient tolerant. That is why they only have one herb kit and a few flower kits. It wouldn't work for something like tomatoes.

I update on my aerogarden often. It can be found here:
It is one of the big ones.

Caroline said...

LOL when I saw your post title... Just a note: AeroGrow now has a bunch of different seed kits for the "mini 3", including tomatoes, peppers, green beans, tons of herb choices and oodles of flowers, including teeny roses. They're way cool!

fridrix said...

I didn't see anything but the flower kits, thanks for the heads up.