Monday, February 25, 2008

New neighbors

I parked a jug o' fish next to an Aerogarden 3. I'm but a couple of tubes away from aquaponics, or growing things with fish. My aim is to increase the oxygen the java moss produces via the extra light, but I must say, the light is very flattering to the fishy friends. Yes, I can see me going full out bonkers on the aquaponics in a couple of months, running aquaducts full of living creatures throughout my urban permaculture oasis.

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Hunter said...

The cheapest aquaponic setup I saw was about $20, minus the fish setup. It was an air pump and a waterfarm-type setup with a fish pump siphoning water up a tube, which would drip over hydroton and return to the tank. The tube had a cheesecloth bag around it so the fish wouldn't get sucked up into it. It can be done cheaply!

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