Saturday, February 23, 2008

The next step

I added toe clips to my electrically assisted bike, seeking to take it to the next level in terms of top speed. I had originally left plain old flat pedals on it, thinking it would be sort of a townie thing one could just hop on with dress shoes and whatnot, but the toeclips are still pretty convenient. The tops of the clips can drag a little bit when they are flipped over, but getting in and out of them is simplified by having the electric drive to keep the bike moving and upright whilst one is inserting one's feet.

There was one particular stretch of road where I really wanted to go faster. The clips should also make the pedaling overall more efficient, and maybe increase the range a little.

I am also using the full range of the new chainrings, as I somehow managed to set up the front derailleur correctly after several attempts.

I have made three speed enhancements altogether since assembling this thing: 1) slick tires; 2) toothier chainrings; 3) toe clips. I don't have any other ideas for it right now, except maybe a sail.

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