Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Morning grocery run

For some reason I got up early this a.m., with a hankering to go to the grocery store. Maybe it's because I had plans to make soup today, and knew I was missing some crucial vegetables. Maybe it's because I'm trying to get a free tank of gas by collecting tokens; for that to happen, I have to make six more trips there in the next two weeks, spending $35 each time. That is way more than I usually shop for groceries; maybe I can use this as an opportunity to build up some Mormon-like food reserves. (Anyone want to guess how much I actually spent?)

The electric bike performed like a charm. There were only a couple of pedestrians to avoid down by the river. On the way back, the weight in the back wobbled a bit, making me take it easier on the turns. Not that I'm Evel Knievel or anything.

I picked up a couple of seed packets at the store. They are the Burpee brand so highly recommended by Mr. Red-Icculus.com. Unfortunately, they didn't have broccoli, but I did get some peas and scallions, which would be very nice to have growing nearby.

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Red Icculus said...

There's nothing wrong with having lots of canned good around. Tuna (freakily) lasts 10 years if stored in a pantry.

And Burpee is great as far as seed companies go. I am so excited for their "toy choi" or mini bok choi that finishes at 5".

The only seed company I warn against is Johnny's because someone broke into their computers and stole their customer's identities.