Monday, March 3, 2008


The original AG is still going apeshit, and I am trying to harness the surplus lumens to grow side projects. The pink pot has a delapidated sweet potato vine, plus several seedlings that appear to be little pepper plants! They are more than a year old but only a couple inches high.

My beloved ornamental pepper in the middle started blooming like mad after getting some grow light. However, this is the first little pepper I've had in a while. I think it is the parent of all those little seedlings.

BTW, is it safe to eat purple peppers? I'm still alive, but curious none the less.


Red Icculus said...

Putting those extra lumens to work- neat! I thought about putting black and white poly around the outside to keep the lumens in so my tomatoes didn't stretch as much.

And purple peppers are neat. What color do they start out as?

fridrix said...

Purple. They turn red at the end.