Monday, March 17, 2008

AG hacks that worked

I am happy to report a couple of my tricks for capitalizing upon the excess energy flow of the AeroGarden have proved fruitful. What you do is plant seeds in the little peat pots and set them in range of the grow lights. In this environment you have to water them every day; in some cases I recycled the little clear plastic caps that came with the AeroGarden seed pods.

Peas sprouted in a couple of days. So did cilantro, an herb that AeroGrow removed from its herb kit because it is so hard to grow! Hopefully it won't curl up and die on me.

The aquaponics experiment has also proved successful. Basil will root very well within a week.


Red Icculus said...

As far as Aerogarden hacks go, I put rockwool cut to shape in the little cups and let the water run on the bottom of them. The seeds sprouted in the exact same time frame as dirt.

I have also used Flora Nova nutrients in the reservoir with great success. The original AG holds a little less than a gallon.

I also want to put a fish air stone in the res. The falling water doesn't seem like it would keep the oxygen level high enough.

I have thought long and hard about this. Aerogarden mods are neat.

fridrix said...

The AeroGarden soup is supposed to already be oxygenated somehow, but if the fish rock takes you to a new level, more power to you. ><(((;>

Jack said...

You could also glue purple felt flames to the outside. Boy, it sure looks fast! :)

Michael said...

Great Idea using the spillover light. I used cotton balls instead of rock wool and that seemed to work fine. Rolled up toilet paper does not. I used 1/4 tsp Vigoro all purpose plant food and it worked great for the basil, but the tomatoes would not flower and the lettuces were limp and yellow. I tried lettuces again with less food and they looked greener and better.