Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crisis and BIG BIG NEWS

The "Add Nutrient" light on the AG3. I think it is just a matter of adding a pill.

I have big news. Hops seed #22 actually sprouted! It is a wild, hairy little thing. This was one I preconditioned in the fridge for six weeks like the directions said.

In other news, the tomatoes are doing great, and the nearby coffee shop is giving me all their grounds. Much future growth forecasted.


Red Icculus said...

What type of hops is it? There is a hops shortage in the beer industry right now. You could make some killer money.

The problem with hops seeds is that they are hard to sprout and they are dioeceous. You may have a male or female and it takes a long time to find out which you have.

fridrix said...

You think I could sell this stuff? All I have now is this little wooly sprout; it's just garden variety hops as the vendor did not specify. I don't know about that duodenum stuff but I am thinking about starting some rhizomes as a backup.