Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Clever accessories for the AG3

I am very impressed with a couple of the new accessories AeroGrow has come up with for the little AeroGarden 3. There are accent vases that you can use to hold flowers from the AG3---apparently while they are still living happily in the grow pods. They also have a basket that will hold the whole bowl for use as a centerpiece.

These address a couple of perceived drawbacks of the AG3 while opening up exciting possibilities. The main drawback to the AG3 is it is a bit mechanical, techno-geeky, and appliance-looking. Also, while you have the flower pods on display in the vases, maybe you can stick some herbs in the AG3. Maybe you can use the vases as a way to grow things in a sunny window, sans AG. I've had good luck with cuttings so far, so I am very interested in trying this.

I would say these tools make the AG3 a very good gift for anyone who likes flowers. I'm specifically thinking of females. I'm also thinking of the vases as a way to exploit AG technology on the cheap (remember that the AG3 pods are a different shape than the original grow pods). I am very impressed with creativity of the AG designers; if I had $30 I would get this stuff.

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