Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bike shop bitchin'

Can I find at least one decent bike shop in this godforsaken dump of a town? I am still counting the ways the last one (rhymes with "about broken") dicked me over. I ordered a partial overhaul (including new cassette) and and they chipped a piece out of my GripShift. Also, the front brakes were so loose they did not stop at all. I had to get the guy to redo 'em. The bill was over $100. Then I went to another shop to replace the front chainring. They did a good job but after I got home it lost its ability to shift into the top ring. I had to tighten it up myself with my meager collection of multitools, kinking and fraying the wire.

I can never go into a store and just relax and look at all the stuff. The help are always asking a bunch of questions or ogling you like you've got sticky fingers. Dude. I don't know what I want. I just want to look to see what I might need. I might want to admire the bikes, see the next best things down the line. Respect my need for space!

Unfortunately I need bike shops in my life as the bike mechanix can get complicated. I avoid them though. At least there is one halfway decent one around there. Buying on eBay is odd too; they probably have their friends bidding stuff up and maybe it's junk to begin with. If I get it on the Bay, it better be a steal. Wait, maybe it is stolen. Online retailers like have been pretty good, but pricey. There is no one perfect solution.

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