Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Atlanta aquaponics

Thanks to Treehugger I see there is an aquaponics supplier in Hotlanta: Sustainable Design Group.

Their system uses fish, but I think crayfish would be better, as they are scavengers. They are also eminently cookable and possibly more profitable?

Before I dived in I'd need to learn more about the microbial and food-safety implications of all of this. It could be much safer, though, than dragging dead seafood hundreds of miles from the sea, per SOP in most restaurants.

I do not like the recycled white barrels they used in one of their installations. I'd rather see more agrarian-looking vessels. Of course this stuff gets expensive very quickly. This is a potential new market for potters . . .

I am excited to see some work in the aquaponics arena. It seems like such an obvious idea. And so sustainable, even the algae has the potential for being harvested for biodiesel.

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