Saturday, October 31, 2009

At a snail's place

I went down for a walk by the river as I am wont to do as I pass by the place when returning to town. I noticed dozens of snails just above the waterline on the rocks so I scooped some up for my aquarium, which only has plants in it now. I took them home in an abandoned bait container which also had an earthworm in it which I put in one of my pots outside. Hey, free worm and snails. Everybody seemed to survive the trip home and they are active and moving about. I'm really thrilled to be the custodian of these beautiful creatures now.

Next I'm going to check at bait shops to see if they have any live crayfish.


Anonymous said...

I guess that snails gonna eat all your plants in your aquarium, be aware ;)

fridrix said...

Hi! I have too many plants in there. And too much algae, which they seem to like.

Anonymous said...

ok, then on "wild" snails can be unknown infection/disease.. still think is't not a good idea..

ps: make a photo of snails please ;)

fridrix said...

I added some pix.