Monday, October 27, 2008

Gratuitous electric bike pic

I don't think the folks at Practical Pedal will mind if I share this picture with you; it's for an ad for some grocery panniers in their "Bigg Amazing Catalog." It might even send them some business.

Upon close inspection you might notice it's an electric bike, with the motor in the rear hub. I wonder why they put all the weight in the back like that. Perhaps it helps get traction in the Montana snow. Something tells me it would be easy to do wheelies on that thing.

The opposite would be a front hub motor with something like a Cetma rack up front. I've never seen that particular configuration. They should have a grocery-hauling-in-the-snow contest to compare the two.


michael said...

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fridrix said...

Thanks Michael. I just looked at your link and I am amazed at the designs. It looks like you are selling the good stuff. I just ordered a new rear rack for my electric bike because my lead-acid batteries bent the original one.

electric bikes said...

wow, your bike is so cool!