Sunday, August 24, 2008

End of passive aquaponics experiment

I just shut down the passive aquaponics experiment I had on my porch. This was basically a cheap styrofoam cooler stocked with some guppies and some AeroGarden plants floating on top.

The main reason I took it in was the cooler, the kind you get when you buy steaks by mail order, was beginning to leak too much.

Amazingly, the little experiment worked pretty well. The fish survived a couple of months with no motorized filter even though it got to up to 111'F out there. I got a little bit of basil out of the deal and my chives even came back from the dead (both of these originally planted last Christmas).

The fish are now chilling in a small aquarium and most of the plants are back in the original AeroGarden.

I do believe the concept works on a small scale. If I were to do it again, I would get a real cooler with a drain on the bottom for waste purposes. I would have to figure out some way to put in the seed pods, probably just cut holes out of the top with a template. That should make a very efficient---and portable---little garden.


Red Icculus said...

Aww Frid, I wish you had gotten pics.

I like to root cuttings by just propping a cut on the edge of the fishtank. The oxygen and fish poop makes crazy roots just as fast as my aerocloner.

fridrix said...

There is a pic, the last one on this post:

I have some kind of shade-loving purple plant growing out of my big fishtank, forgot the name of it though.