Sunday, April 6, 2008

Aerogardens gone wild

My original AG is a mess: the dill is dying out, and there is a mutant Big Boy tomato plant hanging off the left side of it. On the other side I've got a single cherry tomato grow pod, breaking all rules of spacing and propriety. I removed the thyme and put it in a sports bottle as I did not use it that much. The Italian basil has grown completely to the top and I have to trim it to keep it from touching the lamps. I've resorted to giving the excess to acquaintances in a vain attempt to curry favor. Also, there are various seedlings and sick plants huddled about the periphery. It's a mess.


Red Icculus said...

So you know what the problem is, Frid? Have you just been using the tablets they gave you? They tend to accumulate the wrong salts and plants flop over dead at some point. Do you think you can turn it around?

Stacey Huston said...

Very interesting blog, thanks for sharing.. I will be returning to read more..